Top 10 Secrets of Relocation Happiness
Supporting successful relocations
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Did you know that partner support is the most critical factor in ensuring successful relocations?

International relocations are beneficial for companies, employees, and families alike. However, recruiting and retaining top talent for global roles is a huge financial and organizational investment. Failed assignments result in significant financial loss for the organization, decreased employee satisfaction and disrupted workflow.

There are many ways that employers currently support employees and their families in relocations. Despite this, research consistently shows that the number one reason for failed relocations is “an unhappy, unintegrated partner in the host location.” (EY & NetExpat, 2018 Relocating Partner Survey Report)

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In addition to the stress of coping with a major life change, accompanying partners have the challenge of advancing their career (or finding another meaningful purpose) in the new place, without the benefit of a community, resources, or support system. They also often carry the burden of coordinating the move, supporting children through the transition, and getting the family settled in the new location. Common struggles among relocating partners are isolation, loss of identity and purpose, difficulty integrating, and frustration with career stagnation.

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When accompanying partners don’t successfully adapt, this puts increased stress on the employee. The result is reduced employee satisfaction and productivity, and in some cases, failed assignments. Sponsoring organizations are beginning to understand that support for accompanying partners is critical to relocation success.

A happy, well-integrated partner is essential for relocation success.

Thriving Relocation helps accompanying partners to not just survive, but thrive, in their new locations. This enables sponsoring organizations to ensure smooth and successful relocations, and vastly reduces the risk of costly failed assignments.

My programs provide accompanying partners with support and strategies tailored specifically to each stage of the relocation process:

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Successful relocations begin with a well-made decision. I give families practical tools, along with personal coaching, to make informed and thought-out decisions.

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I provide support with practical and personal navigation of the transition to a new place, which reduces stress and ensures that families get their relocation off to the right start.

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The first year in a new location is a critical time for accompanying partners to establish support networks, meaningful involvements, and overcome challenges. I specialize in helping partners successfully build a thriving life in their new location.

The results?
Happier families, more productive employees, and fewer failed relocations.
I offer customized packages to fit the unique needs of your organization.
Get in touch to discuss how I can best support your organization in ensuring smooth and successful relocations.
Benefits to Organizations
Securing key talent
62% of employers use partner support as a way of encouraging employees to accept international assignments.
Retaining key talent
71% of employers offer partner support to increase the overall satisfaction during the assignment.
Increased productivity
33% of employers have increased the job performance of their assignees through offering partner support.
Supporting diversity and equality programs
Survey data reveals that female assignees recognize their partner’s integration and career abroad as paramount before considering an assignment for themselves.
Enhancing employer brand reputation
20% of employers offer partner support to add to their image of being an employer of choice.
Ensuring successful assignments
71% of corporations report that the number one reason for failed assignments is “an unhappy, unintegrated partner in the host location.”
About Thriving Relocation
Thriving Relocation was founded in response to the need for meaningful support and resources for accompanying partners in relocations. Thriving Relocation’s mission is to help globally mobile families to enjoy relocations that enrich their lives and cause a positive ripple effect in the world.

Shannon Jones, M.A., is a certified professional life coach and founder of Thriving Relocation. She brings together her professional background in psychology and personal development, extensive research on relocation, transition, and wellbeing, experience coaching clients in relocations, and her own experiences as an accompanying partner across four countries over the past twelve years. She is certified through Animas Centre for Coaching and is a member of Families in Global Transition.
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