Top 10 Secrets of Relocation Happiness


Tired of wasting time struggling in your relocation?

Take this short quiz to see if you can relate to the challenges commonly faced by accompanying partners in relocations.

The challenges of relocation are real. I understand how hard it can be.

You’ve moved to a new place with your partner or family and you’re ready to have the experience of a lifetime. But once the excitement has worn off, you’re finding yourself stressed, unfulfilled and unhappy. This is not the adventure you imagined!

Luckily, I’ve cracked the code of navigating transition and creating a fulfilling life in a new place—and I can help you to do the same. I’ll be your guide to creating a thriving life, according to your definition, and applied to your individual circumstances.

A happy, well-integrated partner is essential for relocation success.
What you’ll get…
  • Personalized support in finding fulfillment however YOU define it
  • A clear plan, strategy, tools and support to create a thriving life that fits your unique goals, dreams, challenges and opportunities
  • Resources and guidance to help you thrive in all areas of your life
  • A safe place to confide the ups and downs of your journey with a coach who understands and cares about your success and happiness.
Your package includes:
Path to Thriving Guidebook
Clearly defined steps in the journey to thriving in your new place. Guidance in clarifying and taking action in your career and personal goals, your wellbeing and happiness, your relationships with your partner and family, strengthening healthy mindset habits, adapting to a new culture, and building a support system in your new place.
Navigation Session
A 90-minute strategy session at the start of the program to establish your goals and create your personalized roadmap to thriving.
Individual Coaching
Six one-hour coaching sessions to help you thrive in all aspects of your relocation and overcome any challenges that come up along the way.
Contact is available even between sessions, so you have support when you need it most.
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Get exclusive access to our Essential Relocation Insiders Resource List

My personally curated list of the best blogs, podcasts, expat networks, and resources for relocating partners
How will the story of your adventure go?
Sadly, many relocating partners experience loneliness, depression, and stagnation in their career and personal goals, which negatively impacts their whole family’s health and happiness. Some people even end their relocation with a sense of failure and regret.

You have bigger and better things to do with your time than to spend it stressed and struggling, endlessly trying to figure out how to make life in your relocation work. You deserve to be in the driver’s seat of your life, and to make it the fulfilling and meaningful adventure that you want it to be.
Recently relocated family enjoying time at the beach at sunset with two young children
Wouldn't it be great to...
Ready to make your relocation some of the best years of your life?
With a trusted guide to show you the way, you really can create a life you love, no matter where you’re living.
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