Top 10 Secrets of Relocation Happiness


Ready to take the stress and overwhelm out of preparing for your relocation?

Take this short quiz to see if you can relate to the challenges commonly faced by accompanying partners in relocations.

Relocating couples and families have a huge task.

In addition to at least one partner preparing for a new job, there are decisions to be made about choosing a neighborhood, finding a home, arranging schools and childcare, and the timing of the move. There are countless details to attend to and a huge transition to coordinate. At the same time, you want to have positive closure with the people, places, and activities of your current life. In the midst of all this, important factors can fall through the cracks—such as taking care of yourself, setting goals and intentions for your new life, and planting the seeds that will set your family up for a positive start in your relocation.

I understand what an emotionally intense, busy, and important time preparing for a relocation can be. I’ll help you to clear your mind, organize your tasks, clarify your priorities, sort through your emotions, and prepare for a smooth transition and great start in your new place.

Take control of your transition to feel at peace with your goodbyes and enjoy a great start to your new life.
What you’ll get…
  • Know exactly what you need to do to prepare
  • Feel in control of your transition
  • Enjoy meaningful farewells and closure in the life that you are leaving
  • Have a safe space to talk through your thoughts and emotions
  • Care for your own well-being so that you’re ready to handle any challenge
  • Lay the groundwork for a great start in your new place
Your package includes:
Guidebook icon
Smooth Transitions Guidebook
Practical strategies and tools that you can apply to your own situation for logistical planning, personal wellbeing, positive closure, arrival tips, and laying the foundations for a positive start in your new place.
Caoaching icon
Individual Coaching
Three one-hour coaching sessions to help you take the stress out of your transition, feel good about the way you leave, and arrive prepared in your new location.
Support icon
Contact is available even between sessions, so you have support when you need it most.
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How will the story of your adventure go?
Preparing for a relocation can be incredibly stressful, chaotic, and emotionally intense. People often neglect their physical and emotional health, relationships can become strained, and they lose sight of why they decided to make this move in the first place.

Upon arrival, families who haven’t planned ahead to arrange for a smooth landing in their new place can be in for a rude awakening. The stress of adjusting and getting oriented in a new place can overshadow the joy and excitement of discovery.

Luckily, there is another way.
Recently relocated family enjoying time at the beach at sunset with two young children
Wouldn't it be great to...
Take control of your transition.
I’ll help you prepare for your move both practically and personally, without losing your mind in the process. Enjoy a smooth and satisfying transition and set yourself and your family up for a great start in your new place.
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