Complimentary Coaching Session
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Moving to another country and living in a new place sound like the adventure of a lifetime. But then reality hits... it's hard! Whatever you're struggling with, I'll help you get back on the path to creating the life you really want.

If any of these sound like you, I can help!

  • • You're getting ready to move and you feel overwhelmed with both stress and emotions.
  • • You've recently moved and are feeling lonely and incompetent. You're starting to wonder if you've made a terrible mistake by coming here.
  • • You've moved for your partner's job opportunity and you don't have your own clear purpose here.
  • • You've lived in this place for a long time and you still don't have close friends or feel really at home here.
  • • You're worried about your kids adjusting in this place and feel guilty about taking them so far from their grandparents.
  • • You have a decision to make about where to move next, or when/whether to move back home.
  • • You've moved back to your "home" country and feel more out of place than ever. You miss your international life, you can't relate to your old friends, and you're having culture shock in your own country.

You're not alone! I care and I understand how hard it can be. I love helping expats get the support they need to overcome the challenges of expat life and create a happy and fulfilling life no matter where they live.

I offer a complimentary first-time session. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to see if coaching is right for you, while making real progress on a topic that matters to you. All sessions take place over the phone or VC so we can work together whether you live in my neighborhood or on the other side of the world.

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